Healthcare Portfolio

Project Brief

New Cyclotron Facility and Nuclear Medicine Facility, located at King Fahad Medical City, Riyadh, is part of Neurosciences Centre. One of the primary objectives of this design is to ensure the achievement of the future goals of KFMC. That being the torch bearer for the development of nuclear/ general medicine and the highest level of patient care in GCC and MENA region.

This Cyclotron facility is a 4 target 30 MeV, 18 MeV and 12 MeV Capacity Cyclotrons for PET and SPECT radio isotopes. Nuclear Medicine department will be equipped with a portable and a regular Gamma Camera, 6 Nos. SPECT CT., 4 Nos. PET CT, PET-MRI and 2 Nos. dual energy BMD Machines.

The Design incorporates state of the Medical Practices and conform to IAEA standards and regulations. These standards are validated by the known professionals in their field. The Construction of the structure goes as deep as -16M from the existing ground. Built in between the existing structures, it is a challenge in itself.