Power Generation Portfolio


Located in Yanbu Industrial city, there are nine gas turbine units – eight of 56.2 MW each and one of 68 MW – with a total capacity of 517.6MW. The plant also has three steam turbine units of 127.5MW each with total capacity of 382.5 MW, and one steam turbine unit of 130MW. The desalination plant consists of nine MED units and 2 units of MSF.

Scope of Service:

DAR prepared a dynamic model of the facility which was utilized to investigate the operation issues faced by the client. The exercise involved critical examination of the complete system.

  • Dynamic modelling of the power & desalination plant
  • Piping review – steam, condensate, including various headers
  • Make up water system review
  • Equipment - dynamic modelling and analysis
  • Review of various upset conditions