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Located 45 km south east of Riyadh city, adjacent to Al-kharaj Road & PP-10 power plant. Two Power Blocks of Combined cycle Power plant of total capacity 1850MW (approx.)


Combined Cycle Power Plant

  • Two power blocks (Block 10 & 20), each block includes 3 GTG + 3 HRSG + 1STG and 1 Air cooled condenser (ACC).
  • Total of 6GTG’s + 6HRSG’s + 2STG’s and 2ACC’s generating a power capacity of 1650 to 1980 Mw.capacity of 1650 to 1980 Mw.

DAR Solution:

Award of this project is a testimony of DAR’s experience and capability in handling detail engineering for mega complex projects. The client awarded this project to DAR as a result of an excellent performance in earlier projects.

The Scope Includes:

The scope covered Engineering and Procurement support services for process buildings:

  • Architectural & Civil Design: Buildings & Foundations design for Turbine & Process buildings.
  • Steel Structures: Turbine building, pipe racks and other structures.
  • Electrical : Design of illumination system, earthing, lightning protection system and power supply distribution.
  • Mechanical: Design of HVAC & Plumbing for all buildings.
  • 3D modeling