Renewable Portfolio
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Located in the Tabuk area, the plant was planned to generated 100 MW power and will be integrated with the SEC grid.


Power Plant:
First Feasibility study proposed in the area of Tabuk.

Dar solution:

  • Power System modelling using PSSE software
  • Load flow studies for the system with export of 100MW.
  • Contingency analysis to ensure system security under N‐1 & N‐2 conditions.
  • The Study was performed with two different interconnection scenarios i.e. 1) with only one 132kV circuit LILO and 2) Both the 132kV circuits LILO.

The Scope Included:

  • Grid Interconnection Study
    BOQ Analysis and cost estimation
    Gather information from the local utility authorities, environmental and industrial requirements and their approvals for various obligations for interconnection to grid.