System Studies Portfolio
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Project Description:

SWCC is developing a Combined Power and Desalination Plant at Ras-Al Khair, which will be designed to meet the power demands of SEC and Saudi Mining Company Ma’aden (Ma’aden) in addition to water export to SWCC system and Ma’aden. The Project is intended to have 12x260 MVA GTG Units and 5x213 MVA STG units with a total generation capacity of around 3500 MW. SWCC intends to perform power system studies for validating the plant MV network designs and to validate plant performance during grid interconnected and islanded mode of operation.

Studies Performed:

Load flow, short circuit, dynamic stability, motor starting studies, bus change-over studies, Insulation co-ordination, Ferro-resonance, transfer surge analysis and circuit breaker TRV studies.

Scope of Work:

  • Developing detailed network model including the surrounding SEC network and Ma’aden smelter plant using PSS/E software and developing plant MV network model using ETAP software.
  • Assessment of the impact of 2400 MW power plant operation along with Ma’aden aluminium smelter in
  • Grid Islanded mode by conducting Potline startup and Potline re-start studies.
  • Studies to assess the response of power plant with variation in smelter load and water production (Load shedding and generation rejection).
  • Assessment of response of power plant to grid disturbances.
  • Equipment Validation for 380kV substation and 13.8kV MV network of Power plant, desalination plant and pumping station.
  • Motor starting and automatic bus transfer studies.