System Studies Portfolio
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Scope of Work:

On-site investigation, system study & relay co-ordination in following power plants situated in the north east operating area of Saudi Electricity Co. with a view to resolve electrical problems and deficiencies.

  1. Rafha power plant
  2. Qurayat power plant
  3. Arar power plant
  4. Al Jouf power plant


  1. To identify the weakness, deficiency and mis-coordination of the electrical system.
  2. To find out operating constraints in generation, evacuation and auxiliary power distribution system.
  3. Protection relay coordination to suggest appropriate settings to avoid spurious tripping.
  4. To review the existing load shedding scheme and suggest suitable solution/alternate scheme.

System Study & Analysis, Executed:

The following studies are conducted on existing and proposed future systems.

Load Flow Study
To determine voltage profile at system bus and loading of power system elements under maximum and minimum generation and conditions.

Short Circuit Study
To determine / analyze adequacy of switchgear and system elements short circuit rating.

Transient Stability Study
To ascertain critical fault clearing time to isolate the faulty section with shortest possible time and effect quick load shedding for various contingency condition.

Protection Relay Coordination
To establish adequacy of protection, suggestions with suitable settings to avoid spurious tripping and to make protection enhancement.

Load Shedding Scheme
To evaluate the present scheme, suggest improvements and alternate scheme to keep maximum possible generation under contingency conditions.


Deficiencies and problems in existing system are observed and documented for planning corrective actions and improvements required. Solutions and recommendations to implement the improvement measures along with list of equipment additions, material changes and engineering modifications required for system improvement are included in the conclusion summary.