System Studies Portfolio
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Project Description:

Saudi Aramco intends to identify the deficiencies in the existing network and would like to upgrade the existing transmission system in Abqaiq Area by rectifying the network deficiencies. In this regards Saudi Aramco intended to conduct detailed investigations by means of Power system studies to rectify the existing network problems and upgrade the transmission system.

Studies Performed:

Load flow, short circuit, motor starting studies, transient stability, relay setting co-ordination, Arc flash hazard studies, Insulation co-ordination and Load shedding study.

Scope of Work:

  • Review of existing network of Saudi Aramco in Abqaiq area.
  • Identification of network constraints.
  • Developing the network model using ETAP software & perform simulation studies to develop suitable
  • proposals for system reinforcement and strengthening of Abqaiq Area network.
  • Development of load shedding and grid islanding schemes.