System Studies Portfolio
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Project Description:

The project object is to upgrade the electrical system at Abu Ali plant in order to overcome the existing
Electrical system deficiencies and to meet the future electrical demand load required by Berri field to maintain the production at 250 MBCD and to support Karan and Arabiyah field. In general the project objectives will be achieved by adding 230kV and 13.8kV substations at Abu Ali plant. The new electrical system has a 230kV indoor GIS housed inside substation #1B which receive power at 230kV level via 230kV transmission lines consisting of double circuit overhead lines, 230kV underground cables and two 230kV submarine cables from Wasit gas plant 230kV indoor GIS located in substation# 200. Then the 230kV will be stepped down to the 13.8kV via 4 Nos. of 230/13.8kV transformers. The first two transformers used to supply power to the existing 13.8kV switchgear at substation #1 while the other transformers connected to the new 13.8kV switchgear at substation#5. The new 13.8kV substation, substation#5, used to supply power to the 13.8kV non motor loads that are powered or will be powered in the future from Abu Ali plant. Therefore, the existing non-motor loads that are currently connected to substation # 1 is shifted to substation#5 by splicing their existing cables to short runs of new 13.8kV cables that are connected to the new 13.8kV switchgear.

Studies Performed:

  • Temporary Overvoltage Studies for 230kV and 13.8kV system.
  • Switching Overvoltage Studies for 230kV and 13.8kV system.
  • Lightning Overvoltage Studies for 230kV and 13.8kV system.
  • Transient Recovery Voltage Study for 230kV breaker and 13.8kV breaker
  • Ferro-Resonance Study
  • Very Fast Transient Over Voltage Study
  • Surge Arrester design for the long U/G Cables & Hybrid Lines.

Scope of Work:

230kV System Design Issues:

  • Insulation requirement for the system having hybrid lines (OHTL, Under Ground Cables, Long
  • Submarine Cable)
  • Abu Ali Substation 230kV Breaker TRV
  • Abu Ali Substation Transformer HV side Breaker TRV
  • Fast Transient over Voltage

13.8kV System Design Issues:

  • SS#5 Transformer LV Breaker TRV and Capacitance Current Switching Limit Study.