System Studies Portfolio
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Project Description:

Saudi Aramco intends to construct an Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) Power Plant located in the south west corner of the Jazan Refinery Plot within Jazan Economic City (JEC), Saudi Arabia The Plant will be built to supply Refinery Load, IGCC auxiliary loads, and net power of 2400 MW minimum to be exported to SEC grid.

The IGCC complex will include five (5) combined cycle power generation blocks. Substations are SS-110, SS-210, SS-310, SS-410, and SS-510. Each block will include two combustion turbine generators along with one steam turbine generator.

The IGCC plant will include Air Separation Units (ASU), Gasification Units, Acid Gas Removal (AGR), Sulphur Recovery Units (SRU), Essential/Black Start Power Systems, Utility Waste Water Treatment, Sea Water Systems, Tank Farm, Administration Buildings and associated substations.

DAR Solution:

DAR’s signature are present on complete facility right from power plant to power evacuation and grid connection .The scope of work includes:

  • Power system studies like Load flow, Short Circuit , Motor Starting, Harmonic Analysis , Relay Coordination Study and Arc Flash Analysis.
  • PSS/E model development and Transient stability with plant grid-connected and islanded modes.
  • Insulation Coordination and TRV studies for 380kV, 230kV and 132kV voltage levels connected to the IGCC
  • Integration of all the EPC packages with the EPC-4 package.
  • Black start study.
  • Generator PSS tuning, Generator test & RTDS study

Features :

  • The biggest Gasification plant of its kind in the world