Transmission Portfolio
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Description & Challenges

This project involved design and construction of approximately 94 kilometers of 380kV double circuit vertical configuration overhead transmission line from MA'ADEN 380/115KV BSP TO Safaniyah 380/115kV BSP including installation of fiber optic cables.

The Proposed 380kV OHTL shall loop in and out one of the circuits to Manifa 380jkV BSP which shall establish the following circuits.

  1. Ma'aden- Safaniyah.
  2. Ma'aden- Manfia.
  3. Manifia – Safaniyah.

The project had multiple critical requirements, to finalize the existing Ma'aden -Safaniyah 380kV line and to modify one circuit to Manifa with LILO arrangement. In addition the technical Specifications also required to be interfaced with substation and also to coordinate with future three 380kV line crossings.
The major challenge was to cross the future three 380kV lines. DAR proposed and designed special gantry under crossing the future 380kV lines, without affecting the clearance issue and successfully implemented.


Complete design & Engineering services for Transmission Lines Works (Electrical & Civil design) till As Built Stage including Preparation of T/L route, Plan and Profile Drawings with spotted structures , Structure List , Sag template Curves, Grounding System Design for Structures, installation of OPGW joint Boxes on Latticed Steel Structures, Selecting OPGW Joint Boxes Locations, Sag and Tension Calculations for Conductor & OPGW , Stringing Sag and Tension Charts, Foundation Design Calculation & Drawings for structures, Access road ; Finger roads and Structure Pads design , crash barriers protection design and Preparation of B.O.Q, verifying technical compatibility of Vendor equipment's and materials, support in meeting with Saudi Electricity Company.